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The industry of the modern Arab who is coping with the international extreme developments & its progress and updating, and the development of its information quantity and competition accelerated the birth of a new data-life measured in fractions of seconds, Imposed on us a new kind of learning that can keep pace with this terrible speed.

Industry of training &the trainer & the training material is an urgent need for the requirements of the modern era, The speed of production of information at a speed imposed is a desire to learn and practice them and benefit from them at the same speed.

The eligible beneficiary Arab were the best workers work on the training industry and its infrastructure, to rapidly upgrade the capacity of culture and Arab ability to perform the implement and develop his work to the best possible

And the expansion of training for exhibits path in many areas of life that you do not think it will turn one to the learning material and training in one day did not imagine that the skills of communication between the couple will turn to training material, Or good communication with people with difficult complexions, Or training on how to get rid of anxiety or anger or fear, It is no longer a coach only about administrative and planning functions only.

But now includes a portion of each day a new aspect of our daily lives even turn it into a material that adjusts to training and learning, And this not only leaves the training ground and stepping over it with his foot and walked steadily, man today became able to learn the art of communicating with others just like learning the basics of financial management, In this collection of training of human life and the spiritual and physical life are also in one area, Draws from each of the orchards loves flowers, Training today and break the barrier of learning difficulty in everything, All the things that he desires and is willing to learn the day you become available and accessible, And training in theory and in practice, became accessible, This was not possible without the coach accepted industry.

Coach industry is that we see today was not easy, This was not the phenomenal growth in the number of trainers in addition to the enormous proliferation in the training centers all across the Arab world, something that got him on a silver platter.

It has been the product of years of work and the result of many of the Arab who migrated and traveled abroad to bring this modern science and transferred to us to put them Arab nature and Islamic identity, It was not training to have a place in the Arab world.

However, this awareness that the growing strongly in the corners of the Arab world, the importance of access to training as a concrete reality in our daily lives and An integral part of our life.

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